A mirage is a real physical phenomenon where large temperature differences among different altitudes cause light to deflect. In that way, objects beyond the horizon seem to appear above it. Mirages are even so intangible that we associate them with the unreal. A rainbow consists of colors that are not attached to any object or even a specific location in the sky, but it exists simultaneously in several places.

In this project I’m  working with spatiality and the feel of a floating illusion, with the material of glass as the starting point. The installation explores how shadows, reflections and lights can be arranged and connected with physical objects and how the room, colors, reflections and shadows change depending on each other's presence and position.

The glass’ bombastic materiality is contrasted with the elusive nature of the shadows, the shapes of the voids and the mirror's almost invisible existence. Like mysterious meteorites, the glass spreads into the room. Like cells that are dividing and multiplying, they create new systems together and arrangements in something that is not obviously sorted. All different, yet all blown in the same mold.

Ammy Olofsson 2013