Unique sculpure created for Nazuna Kyoto Gosho (hotel)
inspired by the traditional wagashi Kuzukiri

I am also represented  at the by another sculpture from this series:

Nazuna Kyoto Gosho about the interior design:

we placed emphasis on the concept of “Wagashi” by tying the selection of furniture
and artwork to the designated “Wagashi” theme of each room. In doing so, we experimented with the
juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional settings by pairing the architecture with one-of-a-kind objects
designed by emerging artists and designers.

In select rooms and corners of the hotel, we collaborated with a swedish textile studio, Oyyo, to have custom
wall hangings (each inspired by a different Wagashi) that emulate traditional Japanese hanging paper scrolls.
In those rooms that featured “Tokonoma” (traditional Japanese built in display space), we paired these
wall hangings with contemporary glass sculptures by emerging european artists and, occasionally, antique
Japanese vases. Each guest room’s furniture, which also echoes the Wagashi theme, ranges from classic chairs designed by
iconic Japanese designers to newer pieces by Ariake.

Brands and designers/artists we worked with:
Oyyo, Ariake, Artek, Kvadrat, Toukagu, Takumi Kohgei, Norwegian Icons, Kanemitsu Sikkiten, Simon Klenell,
Erik Olovsson, Ammy Olofsson, Le Morandine.

The New York Times: