In my practice I look at how technology and electronics can be combined with craft to change how we view ourselves and our roles in various contexts. I examine how technology and craft can be used to awaken new ideas, move boundaries or uncover power structures. My main material is glass and in this project I have worked with alternative representations of the female body, using glass blowing and my own body as starting points.<br /><br />
I have registered my muscles using sensors while blowing glass. I have then used specially written software to convert the sensors’ measurements into three-dimensional shapes which I have then recreated in blown glass. The new objects manifest the body as actions and the work of muscles. The body shapes the glass and the glass craft shapes the body. We are influenced by how bodies are represented.

Special thanks to Magnus Ahltorp, Pär Brännström & Johan Nilsson.

Video  - part of the work (online version):