"My Great Gizmo" is a piece from a collaborative ongoing project together with Alexandra Boutsi
Read more on our project website: https://glassfrequencies.pb.studio/

“My Great Gizmo” is the first completely functioning analogue glass speaker and
amplifier made entirely from scratch in blown glass alongside sheet glass, cut into
organic circular forms enabling sound to travel.
The environment of the glass hot-shop itself is a furnace of dramatic sounds and
choreographed movements. The audio was created using recordings of high and low
frequency glass sounds.

Glass is fused with connected copper wires forming a three dimensional circuitboard.
Copper conducts electricity through the circuit which connects to an electromagnetic
coil. Magnets within the coil transfer vibrations to the glass sheets creating sounds,
sounds recorded in relation to glass as a material.

This piece invites curiosity to explore the components that make up a speaker through
its' transparent characteristics. The glass components have been created in a free,
unpromted process of experimental glass making.
Rethinking glass through its plasticiy and resonant properties
as a material for speakers, queries the sculptural properties of sound.

“My Great Gizmo” is an attempt to bring a dream to life. We dream of the alchemy
between the organic and the machine; a technology towards the interpretation of
spontaneous outcomes.